Gas-and-dash thefts mean late night gas station workers are at greater risk says Alberta Federation of Labour

In a recent statement the AFL’s Gil McGowan stated that the organization

“wants all late night workers protected under new legislation.”

The AFL are leaning on the experiences in B.C where legislation has been passed to prevent so called “gas and dash” thefts which the Alberta Police Association say can injure or kill gas station employees.

The proposed laws will require drivers to prepay at the pump before filling up. This legislation is in place in B.C. but goes further requiring employers to have more than one worker on shift during an overnight shift or an employee working alone must be behind a locked door and a protective barrier.

In Calgary a Service Station attendant was run over and killed during such a gas-and-dash theft. While it is not assumed that all will end in injury or fatality, the numbers speak for themselves in Vancouver where the number of reported gas-and-dash thefts dropped by over 90% in the year the legislation came into force (according to Scott McCloy, WorksafeBC.)

GuardianMPS’ Comments:

GuardianMPS are highly concerned with the personal safety of those who work alone or in hazardous occupations and settings. As such schemes, systems and laws designed to create a more protected working environment for those at risk is at the very heart of what we do daily for our customers.

The quoted drop of 90% of gas-and-dash theft brings with it a drop of all the potential opportunities where such thefts could have resulted in employee injuries, reducing risk of harm and safeguarding the affected workers.

In this and many other work settings, the security precautions may not be as robust or extensive as they may be in settings protecting many workers- such as CCTV, Guards, fire systems etc.  GuardianMPS aim to bring those employees that work in a more remote setting closer to their employer network and more importantly to a source of assistance.

So in the interim while Alberta considers the implications of passing such legislation (which we hope will be soon) GuardianMPS offer a set of features including instant panic alarm, timed check-ins/outs and the backup of an always on duty Central Station, ensuring night workers and store attendants are not left out in the cold.

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