Guardian Personal Safety Android app version gets an overhaul and adds some key new features for Samsung and Android users.

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We are delighted to let you know that a new version of our Android personal safety application has been launched.  We will be sending the update to your mobile workers over the next week as a phased upgrade across our user base.  We will also email/sms them to advise of the update.

We have taken on board feedback from yourselves and your mobile workers and have updated the app with some enhanced features.  Along with all of the great features you still have access to, the new app version now benefits from:

  • Improved Panic Alarm functionality.
    We have added several new elements which reduce the likelihood of false alarms.
    We have introduced a sensitivity option within the settings so that the power key alarm can be desensitized if an individual experiences false alarms.
    During an alarm the app will display a faint red octagon with a central closed padlock icon (when the screen is on). This covertly indicates that the app is trying to raise an alarm.
    When the alarm is connected the phone will now vibrate 3 times rather than once. (graphic 1)

  • Home Screen Displays User Name.
    The home screen now displays the user’s name.  We have added this as we have seen difficulty with handsets being re-assigned and the app linking to the previous user.
    There is a sign-out option within the settings if the incorrect user is signed in. (graphic 2)

  • Improved Check-Out Security
    We have introduced a PIN confirmation when editing a check-in or checking out. This ensures that only the user can check out. Users should all be aware of their PIN as it is required for safety verification on any call that we make. We will be sending every user an SMS with their PIN. (graphic 3)

  • Overrun Check-In Reminders
    There is now a setting that enables the home screen of the app to display an overrun notification 5 minutes before a check in overruns.

  • Backup, Restore and Uninstalling.
    Previous versions of the app let Google backup and restore configuration information to the cloud. Such information would be restored by Google when the app was re-installed onto a device. This could lead to scenarios where a previous user was auto signed in upon app re-installation onto a device previously used by someone else). The new release does not store configuration information in the cloud.
    The app no longer requires the “Device Administrator” permission. This has the added benefit of simplifying the app un-install process.

Guardian Personal Safety Android app screen showing current user logged in on home screen

Home Screen showing current user logged in.

Guardian Personal Safety Android Watermark hexagon alarm screen graphic

Alarm activated watermarked hexagon screen.

Guardian Personal Safety New Android app check out PIN graphic

Enter your PIN to check-out screen.

Should you have any feedback on the app and/or our service please do let us know.

We strive to continuously improve your user experience with our system.

Guardian Personal Safety Team