We all like working to make things better – now, since upgrading our iPhone app, we’ve done the same for our Android app version.   Here are some of the key improvements and feature releases.
  • Simpler navigation interface and toolbars.
  • Better controls on panic alarms to eliminate/minimize false alarms.
  • Improved visibility on status
  • Easy to use on screen help.
  • Quicker Safety Check setup and editing with the touch screen.
  • New main screen status bar showing the status of any current tasks
  • guardianmps android app main screen
  • guardianmps android app checkin checkout screen
  • guardianmps android app location screen

More detail on new features and improvements.

Powerkey Panic Alarm/Stealth alarm

One of the core unique features of GuardianMPS on Android is the ability to raise a panic without the need to look at our unlock the screen (for example while still inside a pocket or purse) – using the power key button. This valuable and useful feature remains at the top of the list for Android users.

Press and Hold Panic Button

Like the iPhone version the new app also includes the new press and hold feature which will only raise an alarm when the button is held in until the commit indicator “fills” (3 secs)  This means minimal purse or pocket activations and will reduce the number of false or accidental alarms. This gives great flexibility for different user types and the way they interact with or use their phones while at work.

On Screen Help

We’ve incorporated a fully detailed help section for each page and section of the app ensuring you know what’s happening and how everything works.

Safety Check Status Indicator

A handy status bar now gives “at a glance” information on all check ins and  overruns  – allowing them to take action and de-escalate as appropriate.

On Screen Check in to Safety Checks

All GuardianMPS users can now set their Safety Checks and leave details and durations using the on screen keyboard and number selector controls.

Improved Location Controls

It is essential that GuardianMPS knows the most up to date GPS location information for mobile workers in order to inform emergency responders. Now it is possible to update location manually with the click of the send button. This is good practice for example if a user knows they’ve been in or are about to enter a poor signal area/building.

Further enhancements to the mapping and location screens include:

Show my location toggle  –  allowing a reset of the map to center on a worker’s location regardless of scrolling or zooming status. Satellite and road view toggle – the view can be changed to show local terrain and buildings or simplified to routes and roads.

We’re happy to announce that this more fully featured version of GuardianMPS app for Android devices is released now and all existing users can update via Google Play or by clicking the button below or visiting the link here. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.uk.guardianmps&hl=en_GB Look out for updated versions as more features are added in the coming months.

For a guide on the new Android app click here.

Link not appearing? Use this http://bit.ly/gmps_android_guide