All about GuardianMPS.

GuardianMPS Inc, based in West Chester, PA, is a spin-out of Guardian24,  the UK market leader for work alone safety and visiting worker safety solutions. Our management team has been involved in the lone working, mobile working and visiting worker personal safety industry for many years, having successfully built a user-base of over 33,000 subscribers in the European market including clients in: Healthcare, Social Services, Charities and Voluntary sectors, Housing projects, real estate,  industrial, educational and many more diverse applications.

Who uses GuardianMPS?

GuardianMPS has now brought this expertise to the US and Canada where we have secured multiple high-profile contracts in public and private sector. GuardianMPS now daily protects an ever growing number of users in a number of state and county level DHS government agencies and privately held companies in healthcare and many more across a wide variety of industries

Who needs GuardianMPS?

GuardianMPS  is a very specific service for those organizations deploying and employing outbound and visiting workers in a variety of fields. Once they leave the office/hospital/clinic/HQ these visiting  workers leave behind the safety of CCTV, security precautions and most important, co-workers. These workers carry out their tasks in the main without close supervision and this leaves them vulnerable to risks and threats. GuardianMPS extends the reach of in-house safety programs to provide mobile personal safety to the following visiting and field worker types.

  • Visiting Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Field Service Staff
  • Realtors
  • Utility Field Workers
  • Agriculture, forestry and Mining

For more users of GuardianMPS, visit our Users page.

They may work on their own, but they don’t have to be alone.