Safecall Manual

How to use your Safecall device

Panic Alarm

If you get into difficulty you can request emergency assistance as follows:

Press and hold the red SOS button on the device for 2 seconds.

When the device vibrates once, you will know the alarm has been initiated.

After a short period of time the device will vibrate 3 times to confirm receipt to the monitoring station.

Background audio recording and your location will be made available to the monitoring center. They will take steps to ensure your safety and get you help.

NOTE: If you have raised an alarm by accident. Please repeat “this is a false alarm” into the device. You will receive a call on your cell phone from the monitoring center. Please answer the call as they have to speak with you to verify it is you and that you are safe. You will be asked for your password which is your own unique 4-digit PIN.

Device Operations

How to use your device

Powering on and off

To switch your device on press the power key on the side of the device for about 2 seconds and release when the device vibrates.

To switch the device off press the power key for a few seconds and release when the device vibrates.

Device communications

The amber light will flash fast while booting up, then show 2 quick flashes every 5 seconds.  This indicates the device is connected with the GuardianMPS server.


The blue light flashing indicates network and GPS communications. When connected to 3G or 4G network the device can connect the panic alarm call to our monitoring centre. When the device sends us GPS coordinates, we can pinpoint your location. We give the location coordinates to the police if we need to dispatch them to help you.

The device will flash blue alternating as below:

1 Flash = GPS enabled, followed by;

3 Flashes = Connected to 3G, or

4 flashes = connected to 4G

If the single flash is not showing, the device is not receiving GPS (typically due to buildings obscuring the signal)

Battery level

We have included 2 charging units beds for your device, so that you can have one on your desk, and the other at home or in your car.

They connect with a USB connection to a plug charger, vehicle charging port or computer / laptop. We will send a text message to your GuardianMPS registered cell phone when the battery is fully charged.

You should get two days use from a fully charged device, but recommend that you charge it daily to ensure you have sufficient battery to raise a panic alarm.

We will send a battery charge reminder text to your GuardianMPS registered cell phone when your device battery decreases to 30%.

It is important to note that the battery could be damaged if the device exceeds 65°C. A temperature above this could be exceeded if the device is left on in a vehicle on a hot day for example. We will send you a warning text, to your GuardianMPS registered cell phone, when your device is approaching this temperature.

Wearing your device

The device can be worn in a number of different ways.

Key ring Attached to key ring with the red clip on the top of the device.

Lanyard – Use the lanyard provided and clip to the red clip


Do I need to turn off the device to charge it?

No. It is a good practice though, as starting up resets everything to its optimum configuration. When you first get your device it is preferable to leave it charging overnight so that any software updates can be sent.

Is the device waterproof?

To a point. It is rated to be splashed with water, but total immersion is not advised.

What if I accidently press the SOS button?

Depending on the response protocol, our monitoring center or a supervisor will try and contact you on your cell phone. In addition, the response service records any audio from the device. The response center can determine if there is a struggle, a code word or sentence being used, or just general background noise.

Is there a way for me to log visits in case I can’t raise an alarm on the device?

Yes, if you have been given our cell phone Guardian app to sit alongside your device. Please refer to either the iPhone or Android user guide for how to use the app. Please note you can check in /out on the Guardian app which will raise an alarm if the time period is exceeded. There is also an alarm button within the Guardian app. All required information will be sent to the monitoring center.