Reviewing your mobile workforce safety solution or policy

Below are a list of questions you should ask yourself when deciding on or reviewing your mobile workforce safety policy or solution:

  • Will I know where to start looking for an employee should they not return to base on time?
  • If they decide to change their plans during the day will I be aware of this?
  • Do we have a clear procedure to follow in case someone does not return at the expected time?
  • Do we have a system for employees to raise the alarm covertly in case of emergency while working alone?
  • Am I confident that an appropriate person will pick up the phone if an employee calls the office in an emergency?
  • When employees are lone working out of office hours, do we have a system to monitor their safety?
  • What happens if my mobile or visiting workers lose data signal – how will they communicate if they need help?
  • What happens if my mobile or visiting workers lose data signal – How do I trace their movements and activities?
  • What happens if my worker loses their phone or is unable to access/use it – how will they raise an alarm or notify their need for help?

By choosing GuardianMPS you can be sure you can answer all of the above questions.

Why Choose GuardianMPS?

We focus on being ‘Easy to Do Business With.’ Our contracts are simple and flexible – we are open and clear about what we will deliver. The result is that we have the highest rate of contract renewal in our marketplace – simply because our customers want to continue working with us.

Licensing flexibility. Each user license will give a worker unlimited access to their service through multiple communication devices for one fixed rate.

GuardianMPS’ unique Usage Management Program. A mobile worker solution is only effective if it is used. We have implemented a Usage Management Program which highlights frequent users within your organization , monitors usage and ensures usage is at a satisfactory level agreed by you.

GuardianMPS is Unique. It is the only fully ‘device agnostic’ mobile worker support service on the market. We do not believe in one size fits all, for that reason we offer you a solution that is both flexible and scalable, allowing you to mix and match a variety of communication devices. This has proven to be very successful for our customers because it offers choice when it comes to controlling the risks your staff may face.

Our service offers you complete flexibility, allowing you to control costs whilst ensuring an effective and robust mobile worker solution is implemented.

Contact GuardianMPS today to request a step-by-step guide to protecting your mobile and visiting workers.