You’re not alone,
when you work on your own.

Safety on Smartphone

Get Help without the need for special hardware

We mean it, with GuardianMPS you need nothing more than a phone to notify your office and our 24/7 monitoring teams if things go wrong. We’ll handle the rest. GuardianMPS is not just another panic alarm app.

Think of an iceberg, only 10% of it is seen, it’s the same with our system and that’s because providing emergency response and notifications is a serious business.

So when you press that panic button, or get a text or email telling you someone has, be assured that a sophisticated server system has captured all the data necessary to respond and to get help to those that need it.

Instant Panic Alarm

Instant monitored panic alarm with the press of a button.

When you press a panic button, you clearly need help, efficiently and fast. And when you do, you are not alone. GuardianMPS system is aware the second our app’s panic button is pressed. We know where you are, what your last assignment was and we even have live audio feed from when the panic alarm was raised. And when we and our 24/7 Central Station know, so then do your nominated team of responders. We monitor panic alarms, so you feel safer, and so that you sleep easier. When your emergency response needs more than technology, our system co-ordinates people to support and restore your personal safety.


Check-in and Check-out timer features

We created a check-in and check-out timers for GuardianMPS’ Safety Checks feature. Why? Simple…Just because you are expected to be at a location or on an assignment does not assure you or your team that will happen like that. Safety Check timers for your work tasks ensure that even if you lose cell signal, battery or your phone is otherwise unavailable, our central server knows your previous known assignments, your intended location and we also know that you have failed to respond to safety verification calls. We’ll create a panic alarm on your behalf and notify your emergency responders. Checking out of Safety Checks allows for safe de-escalation of emergency alerts where a user is safe. One button check out is all it takes to close a Safety Check once a task has been completed.Safety check timers are useful in areas of low cell coverage and where phones cannot be on the person affected. With GuardianMPS even in these cases, we know a great deal to assist with coordinating a search for an affected or unresponsive user.

24/7 Central Station Monitoring

24/7 Central Station Monitoring teams and pinpoint GPS location

When you find yourself under threat or in danger, you need help…fast.

And when you need help, you want the reassurance that those responsible for your safety know the background about where you are and why. GuardianMPS is being able to call up that information in such an emergency.

Central Station Monitoring teams are connected to each alarm activation and have a full list of all details of the affected user. They see who has triggered an alarm, who failed to check-out safely, and where they are located using Built in GPS on user’s phones.

When a GuardianMPS user needs help, our teams know who they are, where they are, and what we need to do to restore them to safety where possible.

Instant background audio monitoring in Panic Mode

Opens a channel to record audio immediately the panic button is pressed.

We’re right there with you when faced with a threatening situation. As soon as you press that panic button we have an open channel listening and recording all that is going on. We use this valuable tool to get you help in the most efficient manner, sometimes that’s a 911 dispatch but often it’s your own team.

Custom reports

Customizable reports for team supervisors and co-ordinators

It is imperative that organizations can learn from the experiences of their mobile workers. Whether to assist with future risks assessments or to identify trends or training needs.

For whatever purpose, as a true enterprise grade system, GuardianMPS ensures simple creation and distribution of reports to provide an overview to those responsible for the safety of visiting or field workers.Reports are entirely customizable and available in all major file formats and can be exported, shared, emailed and printed at the click of a button.

More Features of Guardian MPS

Audio Online

Checkins and alarm audio available to nominated responders and administrators

Touch Screen or Auto Attendant

Choice of using on screen keyboard or calling GuardianMPS Auto Attendant service for checking into Safety Checks.

Stealth Mode

Side button stealth panic activation on Android and BB devices

User Grouping

Group same team users to ease administration and appointment of appropriate emergency responders.

Custom Emergency Protocols

Supervisors, make changes to your preferences on how and when you are notified when a user raises an alarm. SMS, Email and automated call options.

Broadcast SMS

Easily Send broadcast SMS to entire groups/teams to notify of important information or developments.

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