AvantGuard is an industry leader in providing third party alarm monitoring services for the security industry. With fully redundant UL listed central station monitoring facilities, trained professionals and efficiently run quality operations, AvantGuard provides 24 hour operated-supported security monitoring services for the Guardian MPS platform when in an panic alarm is activated.  AvantGuard operators benefit from direct access to the data from smartphone apps and the GuardianMPS central servers to be able to save valuable seconds, even minutes in relaying the location and status and key information about a worker in need of assistance.

AvantGuard can immediately identifies the correct jurisdiction from the location data provided by Guardian MPS, ensuring the appropriate local emergency response authorities are notified when necessary.

AvantGuard operators are trained in crisis management and as such are ideally placed to escalate genuine panic alerts calmly and competently to 911 centers with detailed accounts and even recordings of events leading up to the emergency.

Want to be an mPERS Partner?

The Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) market is fast growing and dynamic. There is a developing need for those who are at risk or housebound to be able to raise an alarm if they suffer an accident, fall or medical problem. Many systems exist to help users become better protected in their home. Most are based on a connection to the ‘land line’ in the home.

But what happens to, say the elderly individual, when they head out to meet a friend or to go shopping? Traditional PERS offerings simply don’t address this major element of the problem.

GuardianMPS delivers a unique ‘mobile PERS’ (mPERS) solution, with the emphasis on ‘mobile’…

We take what is required of a strong PERS offering and recreate and improve it – with our partners – for ‘out of the home’ use. This can add enormous value in this important market.

  • Family and carers can be re-assured that the individual is protected
  • The individual can feel both safer and more secure as they travel out from home
  • We enable specialist ‘pendants’ or simple software on a cell phone to be used to ensure that the individual can reach support and help – from their PERS provider – as they travel
  • The solution can be used much more broadly than traditional PERS solutions. For example we can also protect:
    – Teenagers
    – Night shift workers
    – Delivery staff
    – 7 x 24 type shop staff

We are actively looking for PERS providers to partner with.  We will not sell into this sector directly ourselves.  We want to speak to forward looking and creative organizations that can already see the issue with solutions that only address the home environment.

If you are a PERS provider and want to learn more then please contact us TODAY.