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How One University is Taking on the Biggest Home Care Staffing Issue

Amy Baxter from Home Healthcare News reports on how demand for home health care workers will rise in the next few years, but how there will be difficulties in filling these positions as low pay and lack of training have made it one of the hardest jobs to fill.

“With nearly $900,000 in grants, …two MSU professors …will engage in separate but complementary programs to better enable home care in their state, and possibly elsewhere in the future.
Amy Baxter, Home Healthcare News

Amy’s original article appears at the link below.

It’s interesting to see Michigan doing this work, and hopefully it will lead to better retention by improving the working conditions for these home carers who currently leave the job very quickly.

But there is another issue that can have a bearing on retention, which is that adverse events in the form of threats and attacks and anxiety can happen to these care-givers while they tend to patients.

Surely any care-giver who feels unsafe is just as likely to leave as a caregiver who feels untrained.


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