Protecting Behavioral Health workers

A Department of Justice survey found 55,882 workplace violent crimes against psychiatrists, social workers and other mental health professionals from 2005 to 2009, making them four times as likely to be assaulted on the job as workers generally.

How can GuardianMPS Help?

The number of behavioral workers who have been harmed by workplace violence is hugely under-reported in the same manner as in areas like home healthcare.

Even from the point of entering training, it is reported for example,  that 50% of psychiatry workers are attacked within their 4 year training period.

The culture of violence in the workplace is so prevalent that it has become normalized. Employers should be making every effort to reverse this and actively support their behavioral workers even in situations where they may be at some risk from clients or the nature of their work.

A visiting worker safety solution such as GuardianMPS can help provide increased protection for behavioral health organizations and peace of mind to their visiting workers and those concerned with their safety.

GuardianMPS provides an easy-to-access mobile worker safety system that allows behavioral health workers to focus on their clients and patients with enhanced protection for their personal safety through a number of easily accessible features:

GuardianMPS transforms any smartphone into a fully functional 24/7 mobile security system including panic buttons and configurable timers.

  • Staff can check-in and out of their daily work tasks from their assigned or personal mobile phone-without the need for any other hardware.
  • If they have an overrun on an activity they will receive a call ensuring their safety
  • Staff have access to a discreet panic alarm on the mobile phone, even when the keypad is locked for most devices
  • Panic Alarm includes a “Listen Live” feature for emergency response personnel to discretely assess the situation
  • Can include GPS location fixes

Behavioral Health workers face challenges and risks every day when working alone in the community. GuardianMPS connects these workers and those in similar fields to on demand help –  and allows them to easily call on it in seconds and notify their working team or coordinators of the events leading to the panic alert being raised.

GuardianMPS’ Central Station Monitoring teams are a core part of the system. When alerts are received, they will take the lead role in locating, assessing and managing the response to the employee to include connection to the 911 dispatch framework to ensure forwarded calls are routed to the nearest center to the affected employee.

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