Protecting Couriers and delivery service workers

When your business relies on goods, packages and important documents getting to their intended recipients, then from when they leave the depot to when they make their drop, your mobile worker may be THE SINGLE most important employees in your organization.

Every day drivers, bikers and on-foot courier delivery agents carry billions of dollars of stock from suppliers to home and business customers, oftentimes subject to threats, abuse, violence and even co-ordinated hijackings and robberies.

GuardianMPS protects vulnerable mobile workers from violence by placing a panic alarm facility right into their existing cellphones/tablets/etc.

  • We give your delivery agents and workers a safety platform, not another device.
  • No equipment or capital. We’ll work with what you have.
  • Panic alerts are patched straight through to trained security personnel who know where the worker is located.
  • We can give detailed escalation information to emergency responders. 911 calls won’t show workers location or important details for rapid response. GuardianMPS maintains GPS fixes (on equipped devices), can provide information about the worker and their last recorded check-in.
  • By using our check-in system we can provide audio recordings up to and DURING an incident. Pressing the panic button will AUTOMATICALLY records background audio, assisting in a rapid response.
  • You’re the client. We set the chain of emergency response measures as you define them.

Delivery and Courier drivers may be on the road, they may be carrying valuable cargo and they may even be more susceptible to workplace violence, but with GuardianMPS they are not alone. We are watching 24/7  for alarms and failed check-outs. If that happens, our system will co-ordinate a team of co-worker responders and the emergency services to get help…making them feel safer while on the road.