Protecting Parole Officers

The U.S. Department of Justice reports that between 39 and 55 percent of parole and probation officers have been subject to some level of violence on the job.

According to the American Probation and Parole Association, two-thirds of convicted criminals are under the supervision of a parole or probation officer in the United States.

Parole officers provide a valuable service to the community and are often required to have good people skills and a sense of critical thinking as situations often arise where they are put in high risk working environments.

“Parole officers are high risk mobile workers. Buddy systems and field team work are helpful but often unreliable. GuardianMPS can transform an officers smartphone into a fully functional panic alarm, increasing confidence and reducing the risk of workplace violence.”

High risk work environments left unchecked can be costly to an organization. Unnecessary costs and claims relating to sickness absence, decreased performance and compensation claims can be reduced by implementing a lone mobile worker safety solution such as GuardianMPS.

Many Parole officers will rely on calling a supervisor or coworker alerting them to the risks involved in a visit. The effectiveness of that type of safety measure is based in large part on the availability of supervisors and coworkers, who are often handling their own caseloads and responsibilities.

A user logs an activity before a visit estimating how long it will take to complete, and logs out when done. If there is an overrun on the activity Guardian MPS ‘pings’ them and if there is no reply, a ‘listen live’ feature activates and a respondent dials discreetly into the smartphone to evaluate the situation. The emergency services are immediately dispatched if the situation escalates..

How can GuardianMPS help?

  • A supervisor can only supervise within working hours. The Guardian MPS team will protect you 24/7
  • Relieves supervisors from the sole responsibility for an officer’s safety when out in the field
  • Reliable parole officer tracking system including GPS location fix
  • Provides parole officers with the peace of mind and confidence that they always have a team of people working 24/7 to ensure their whereabouts and safety.
  • GuardianMPS mobile security features include:
  • Log in and out of daily activities from a mobile device of choice
  • An overrun on an activity will receive a call ensuring safety
  • Discrete Panic Alarm that parole officers control and can use even before an situation escalates
  • Panic Alarm includes a “Listen Live” feature for emergency response personnel to discretely assess the situation