Protecting Public Housing workers

Public housing staff work at the high risk end of service provision. Crime is known to be a major issue in public housing, with surveys showing high amounts of drug related crime and shootings with often inadequate policing and security.

Public Housing staff, whether they deliver maintenance, management or general administrative services are often in areas where crime rates are high enough to warrant additional concern about their safety. Dealing with the aftermath of workplace violence incidents may well prove to be more costly than proactively managing the risks.

“Public sector Housing employees are high risk mobile workers and need a mobile working safety system to reduce the risk of workplace violence..”

High risk work environments left unchecked can be costly to an organization. Unnecessary costs and claims relating to sickness absence, decreased performance and compensation claims can be reduced by implementing a lone mobile worker safety solution such as GuardianMPS.

How can GuardianMPS help?

  • Staff can check-in and check-out of their daily assignments from a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.
  • If they have an overrun on check-in they will receive a call ensuring their safety 24/7
  • They have access to a Discrete Panic Alarm on their cell phone, even when the keypad is locked, allowing users to focus on their safety knowing that they have been connected to security services
  • Panic Alarm includes a “Listen Live” feature for emergency response personnel to discretely assess the situation. If a situation escalates emergency services are dispatched immediately
  • Includes GPS location fixes where supported on the device.
  • As with all GuardianMPS users, staff can control their own safety platform, setting when they want to be tracked and/or found all through the convenience of their cell phones

Guardian MPS provides extensive training and client support to ensure high usability of the service within the organization.