School Districts

GuardianMPS delivers greater security to all those involved in supporting, teaching and assisting our children. By delivering this service we can help to enhance our children’s security and well-being.

There is, unfortunately, a heightened need to both consider and deliver greater security in all types of schools across the USA. Whether it is an Elementary or High School, there is a need to ensure that everything possible is done to protect our children as recent events so tragically prove.

Every School District in the nation has been considering these issues even more seriously of late. The focus on the increased spend has been very much on access control. How do we stop unwanted visitors from entering school premises? What can we do to gain early warning of an intrusion? So we have actively invested in camera/alarm combinations, video systems and even in some cases, security guards. These are, of course, valid and appropriate steps to take.

But schools, by their very nature, have a large perimeter and cannot be 100% secure. So what happens when an unwanted visitor gains access to the grounds or buildings?

Guardian MPS takes security in our schools a step further. It allows all staff to have instant access to an emergency notification capability. This is delivered either through a specialist ‘pendant’ type device, through the users own cell phone or by a phone supplied by the School District specifically for this purpose. In fact, every user can have up to two devices assigned to them (perhaps their own cell phone plus their supplied work device/phone). So teachers, administrators, janitorial and support staff can all be enabled to provide early alert to the police or other agencies – simply and effectively. This impacts directly on that ‘first response’ situation when someone has breached the school boundaries. We cannot stop tragedies occurring but we can help staff and law enforcement to respond faster….

  • Simple to use
  • Delivers a solution to the ‘what if they get in’ question that is so often left unanswered
  • Very flexible
  • Can be given – cost effectively – to all staff
  • Provides instant contact with security or law enforcement agencies as defined by the School District
  • Unobtrusive
  • Easy to learn