University Campus Workers

Late nights and unattended campus buildings can present particular risks for technicians, researchers and other support roles on campus like catering or maintenance staff. Working while most others sleep makes getting help more challenging.

GuardianMPS can both reassure these workers and co-ordinate a team of emergency responders from their colleagues or with their own assigned Campus Security. GuardianMPS offers a much superior level of visual and audio information, compared to traditional sign in-sign out to campus security or blue light phones, and that makes responding much more efficient …when seconds count.

How can Guardian MPS help?

Guardian MPS provides an easy-to-access mobile worker safety system that allows university and campus workers to deliver carry out their work with less concern about the threat of workplace violence through a number of features and all that’s needed is a mobile phone. Further to this GuardianMPS can also be used in custom modes to allow use on fixed line phones if desired.

  • University Campus Workers can log in and out of their daily activities from any mobile device-whether assigned, temporarily assigned or volunteer owned.
  • If they fail to check-out, Guardian MPS will automatically place a safety call to them to make sure they are safe.
  • All campus workers with GuardianMPS can raise instant panic and check-in/check-out of assignments or visits with the click of a button.
  • Panic Alarm connects to trained security professions who can “Listen :Live” to discretely assess the situation.
  • GPS location is included where devices support it.
  • Fixed phone line options are possible where location information is not required or location is static. Talk to an Account Manager.

GuardianMPS provide a valuable resource in making campus security more efficient by automating alarms and providing extensive detail to campus security staff. Where any additional assistance is needed, the GuardianMPS 24/7 Central Station Monitoring team can greatly assist in the dispatch of emergency services.