Volunteers and those willing to give their own time are an invaluable resource to organizations who work with often challenging clients to include Homeless and drugs support agencies. Sadly in these sectors the risk of threat and injury is all too real.

Volunteer agencies need to ensure that their volunteers have a system of emergency response to invoke should they need it. Should an injury or worse occur, these agencies despite their altruistic motivations are not immune to the demands and resulting impact of the law.Yet, typically in these sectors investment into specialized systems and expensive hardware for an ever-churning stream of volunteers is often unfeasible. GuardianMPS can offer a number of options to minimize investment while still offering best in class emergency response for your volunteers.

How can Guardian MPS help?

Guardian MPS provides an easy-to-access mobile worker safety system that allows volunteers to deliver their valuable community services with less concern about workplace violence through a number of features and all that’s needed is  a mobile phone.

  • Volunteers can log in and out of their daily activities from any mobile device- assigned, temporarily assigned or volunteer owned.
  • If they fail to check-out, Guardian MPS will automatically place a safety call to them to make sure they are safe.
  • All volunteers with GuardianMPS can raise instant panic and check-in/check-out of assignments or visits with the click of a button.
  • Panic Alarm connects to trained security professions who can “Listen :Live” to discretely assess the situation.
  • GPS location is included in where devices support it

GuardianMPS service helps agencies provide a higher standard of care for their volunteers. IN some cases Volunteers may have to deal with potentially high risk situations, but with increased safety policies and a reliable Mobile Worker Emergency response system like GuardianMPS they can have more confidence and peace of mind to carry out their assigned duties.